Alfa International LLC Importer, Distributor, Beer, Wine and Spirits

About Us

Alfa International LLC is a company based in the south of Florida. We take pride in delivering a fully integrated approach to the business, from grower to customer. Our services include export and import logistics, customs brokerage, compliance with federal and state regulations, labeling standards and other state and federal requirements, Intellectual property, warehousing, fulfillment, and access to a technological platform for marketing online. With its federal and state licenses of importers and distributors, Alfa offers small and medium producers of wine, beer, and spirits from all over the world strategic alliances to simplify access to the United States market, allowing them to focus on sales and create successful brands.   

Our Values

Our value system is a set of principles or ideals that define us, guide our behavior, and shape our organization and its actions. Our values influence how we work with each other, serve our clients, and engage with our communities. Following our values gives us confidence that we are making the right decisions for our lives and our organization. 


Integrity is trustworthiness, honesty, and uprightness of character. As a company, we have moral and commercial obligations. We are committed to treating others as we hope to be treated—with honesty, fairness, and integrity.


On our way to success, we recognize that things are not easy during the journey, especially at the beginning. Patience is a quality that brings our inner peace. Hand in hand with perseverance, it drives us through success no matter which path we take. Patience is one of the keys to success in life, and a good wine needs a lot of that as well.


We emphasize our focus on creating solid relationships with our customers and suppliers, which directly correlates with the quality of our goods and services. We are committed to providing high-quality, efficient services that meet our customers' needs. We work hard to improve daily, trying to reach the highest possible quality. This inspires our daily behavior and also our prospects.


We take pride in our work, and we deliver our best. However, we always strive to improve, and we are committed to generating a gradual change that will lead us to improvements so that we might surpass our already high standards. Our approach is modular, so we can be nimble initially and grow as your business grows.